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Welcome to Premier Steel Sheds, Australia’s leading steel structure supplier in heavy duty, clear span portal frame steel structures.

Based in Brisbane with distribution throughout Australia, we at Premier Steel Sheds take pride in our ability to supply the best quality steel structures at a competitive price. Our portal frame steel structures have a design which is modern, flexible and offer value for money without compromising on quality. Premier Steel Sheds are designed by Australian Engineers for Australian conditions and supplied with Engineers’ certificates. Our steel frame buildings and steel frame sheds are designed to allow for future expansion to accommodate a client’s growing needs. The steel structures have a wide range of use in industry, mining, agriculture, aviation and retail applications. Common uses include Farm Steel Sheds, Hay Sheds, Aeroplane Hangars, Industrial Warehouses and Transport Depots. All portal frame steel structures, structural steel, steelwork, columns and rafters are solid H/I sections, Grade 350WA/S355JR.

Why Premier Steel Sheds?

  • Service, integrity and peace of mind
  • Australian leader in steel frame buildings and portal frame steel structures
  • Focused and dedicated team
  • Superior heavy duty clear span portal frame steel structures
  • Premier steel sheds
  • Product quality control
  • Competitive pricing
  • Large stockholding of pre-fabricated modular components
  • Immediate availability
  • All steelwork is solid H/I sections

Premier Steel Sheds is a forever-expanding operation and will continue to supply and deliver on its leading quality, precision and design.

For further details about our Portal frame steel structures please click below.


Available for immediate collection

  • NSW
    Dubbo Sydney Wagga Wagga
    Sold Out New Stock Arriving Soon! Sold Out
  • QLD
    2 of 9x20x3.5m
    3 of 12x20x4m
    2 of 15x20x4.5m
    3 of 15x20x6m
    3 of 15x30x6m
    2 of 18x24x6m
    2 of 20x36x6m
    Stock Arriving 20/10/2018
  • South Australia
    New Stock Arriving Soon!
  • WA
    2 of 9x20x3.5m - $7690.00
    4 of 12x20x4m - $11150.00
    2 of 15x20x4.5m - $14490.00
    1 of 15x30x6m - $21750.00
    1 of 18x24x6m - $23890.00

    All of the above stock available
    immediately at Pickes Auctions,
    Bibra Lake. 

    All prices include GST. 

  • Victoria

    2 of 9x20x3.5m
    3 of 12x20x4m
    2 of 15x20x4.5m
    3 of 15x20x6m
    3 of 15x30x6m
    2 of 18x24x6m
    2 of 20x36x6m

    Stock Arriving 26/10/2018


Available sizes (width/span x length x height)

9m x 20m x 3.5m
12m x 20 x 4m
15m x 20m x 4.5m
15m x 20m x 6m
15m x 24m x 6m
15m x 30m x 6m
18m x 24m x 6m
18m x 36m x 6m
20m x 24m x 6m
20m x 36m x 6m
20m x 48m x 6m
20m x 60m x 6m
30m x 36m x 6.5m

The components of the steel structures:

  • Columns (I Beams)
  • Rafters (I Beams)
  • Bracing
  • Pre Galvanised Lipped Channel (Purlin)
  • Knee Bracing (Fly Bracing)
(Please see diagram to familiarise yourself with these components)
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